What our Customers say...


“A few weeks ago my husband took our 2 year old granddaughter to the basement to play. Imagine their shock to find that the carpet was very wet and soggy. She wouldn’t even attempt to walk on it after her socks became soaked at the first step off of the stairs. He quickly tried to determine where a leak could be coming from and when he entered the utility closet, under the stairs, found that the hot water heater had burst. Oh my. We immediately called our insurance agent in Seymour and he recommended SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties. We phoned a local plumbing business and they replaced the water heater immediately. No sooner had they left than SERVPRO showed up. To our delight, a representative came to our home in Columbus within an hour of our call. Not only did you come with all haste but you began work to try and salvage everything possible by using water extraction and placing over a dozen high powered drying fans and dehumidifier. It took several days to get everything dry but someone from your business came and took several moisture readings daily. We didn’t have to do anything but sit back and let ‘the pros’ do their job. It was a wonderful job and everyone that came to our home from your company was so polite, helpful and friendly. We are waiting for the final carpet cleaning to take place but we already know that it will be better than our greatest expectations based on the results that we have experienced thus far. Thank you so much for responding to our call for help so quickly and professionally.  We certainly recommend SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties for any and all cleaning needs.”

"I have used the services of SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties twice. The first time was after my house was damaged by a tornado. They came quickly, conducted a very thorough examination of the entire house, formulated a plan and implemented it immediately. Their quick action, attention to detail and thorough follow-up prevented catastrophic issues down the road. I was very impressed with the results, their professionalism, competence and personal touch. I was so impressed that I called them again when I suspected a leak under a shower built on top of a slab, due to a musty smell in that area. They came out the day I called them, conducted a thorough examination of the shower area (including underneath) and determined that there was no leak. They went above and beyond and located the true source of the musty odor - a source I would never have considered exploring. I trust and highly recommend SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties and have peace of mind knowing that they are there for me when I need them."

"I started collecting model tractors when I was young which has grown to a $75,000 collection. It was a huge concern of mine that they came back in the same condition as they were in before my house fire.  I was so happy as they all came back in better condition than before!"

"In this stressful situation, where the contents of my whole house were removed, SERVPRO gave me the peace of mind that my personal belongings of 40 years would be taken care of until we were back in our home.  SERVPRO delivered what they promised!"