What our Customers say...


Life is hard enough without having to navigate a disaster without professionals! Thanks so much SERVPRO for being there is our hour of need! 

Wow! That is all we can say! SERVPRO came in and helped us get everything back to normal. We couldn't have done it without them! 

Our basement is back to normal and we have SERVPRO to thank! We appreciate it very much and will be sure to recommend you!

Thank you SERVPRO! Our home is back to normal and we owe it all to you guys!!! 

Thanks so much to everyone at SERVPRO! You were polite, on time, professional and helped us get things back to normal! 

I owned a 2 story Cabin with a finished walkout basement, my dream home to say the least. I came home from work one evening to find a water pipe had burst between the two floors and had ran wide open for 10 plus hours. It had flooded the first floor and continued to the basement collapsing the drop ceiling. After being an Insurance Agent for over 12 years, I didn’t even ponder who to call, I knew to call Delana for the most reliable and complete service of my home. Her team was at my home the next morning to haul out all of the wet contents and begin the drying process. They informed me of every step of the process.
I cannot brag on them enough and continue to recommend them to my clients in their time of need! Thank you SERVPRO for your service.

Less days down...that was the best part about using SERVPRO! They came through on their word and we will be recommending them to all who will listen!

The folks at SERVPRO did an outstanding job! From day 1 through completion they were on top of each and every detail! 

The smoke damage was worse than we imagined it could be, but thanks to SERVPRO we no longer have to worry! You all are amazing! 

Thanks for all of your hard work! You did what you said and that is much appreciated!

Thank you to all at SERVPRO! You helped us so much and we couldn't be more grateful! We hope to never have to use you again, but if something does happen we will be calling SERVPRO! 

We had no idea what to do when the water hit our basement. So very glad that SERVPRO did! They were so helpful and we couldn't have gotten through this without them! 

Thanks for all of your hard work! You got us back up and running and for that, we are very grateful! 

We are so glad we called SERVPRO! Great service and great professionalism. 

SERVPRO are the most knowledgeable people in the industry that we have come across. They are also caring and empathetic, which gives you the best of both worlds! 

When fire struck our home, we were confused and scared. We have never gone through anything like this, but the people at SERVPRO were caring and helped guide us through. 

They got my business up and running and limited by down time! I would definitely call them again should the need arise.

When we had water invade our basement, these folks were there to guide us though. We are so happy we called them! 

The folks at SERVPRO get your business up and running and do it with professionalism and empathy! 

We had a pipe bust at our business. Water was going everywhere. I called SERVPRO and they arrived in under 20 min with dehumidifiers, air movers, and all kinds of tools... I was blown away by their reaction time and the clean up. They did a fantastic job!!

We had a major pipe break below our sink which caused a lot of damage to our kitchen & basement.  Our insurance recommended SERVPRO and boy was I glad!  The SERVPRO team determined what needed to be done and went to work.  There is no way my husband and I could have taken care of this ourselves.  Special thanks to the technicians & project manager that walked me through this process making me feel at ease.

SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties is an excellent service provider for more than just restoration needs. Last month they hosted a Continuing Education class for area insurance producers and it was hands down the best CE class I have ever attended. The instructor was very knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. I will make an attempt to attend every class they offer in the future! Thanks, ladies!!

My toddler flushed a toy down toilet causing an overflow in our home!  SERVPRO came within hours and took care of everything.  They talked with our insurance and all our worries were gone.  The house was dry quickly and we got back to normal with minimal inconvenience.  I HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO!

A friend told me to call SERVPRO when my house was hit by the storm.  I am so glad I did!  Thank you SERVPRO for taking care of all my needs.

I wanted to say thank you for the great service that was given to my family by the staff at SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties.  The small kitchen fire we had was taken care of promptly & professionally.  Our house was cleaner than it ever was before the fire and smelled even better.  Thank you SERVPRO!!

I just wanted to thank the staff of SERVPRO Jackson/Jennings Counties for their incredible service!!  I had a pipe break that affected both my upstairs and downstairs areas of my home.  I was extremely concerned about getting mold due to my grandson being in the home regularly.  The staff was prompt, professional and very reassuring.  Each day they would talk about the drying progress with either myself or my wife.  They always explained why they were doing whatever the process called for.  They even helped move some of our clutter out of the way and into rooms that made it better for all of us!!  After a few days everything was dry.  SERVPRO took what seemed to be an overwhelming situation and made it look easy.  I’m so glad we called them and will recommend them to anyone that asks.

A few months ago a storm came through and knocked out our power so our sump pump couldn't perform and our basement flooded.  SERVPRO came to do the dry out.  They had to discard many of our items due to the classification of storm water.  SERVPRO's onsite technician and project manager were very informative and addressed our questions and concern we had.  SERVPRO was at our house every day to check the progress of the job!

I had a small kitchen fire and John & Eric were at my house within an hour after I called SERVPRO. The service surpassed any expectation I had.  The ladies who provided the structure cleaning were polite, professional and thorough!  John & Eric addressed all my questions with kindness and professionalism.  This was a great experience in light of the circumstances.

We really don't know how our house became so messy, maybe it was the 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat!  We were so tired of living in the mess and with 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat, a major cleaning event wasn't going to be performed by us so we called SERVPRO to do it for us.  They were absolutely amazing!  I can't say enough about their professionalism, politeness and thoroughness.  Our ENTIRE house is now clean and pretty and smells wonderful too, and we all plan on keeping it that way. Thank you so much SERVPRO.

Our family owns a business in Nashville, IN.  It's a retail building that houses approximately nine small businesses.  In early January, a water spigot on the back of our building was compromised during a hit and run accident.  The impact of the accident caused the pipe to break at the floor inside our restroom. There was water EVERYWHERE... a river running through our building!  Since it was a Sunday, the water company was not in, and we had to wait for the person on-call to arrive and shut off the water (90 minutes later).  We were speechless looking around at the disaster.  We had no idea where to start or even who to call.  We remembered seeing SERVPRO commercials, so we gave them a call.  Within 30 minutes or so, Delana arrived and started taking pictures/face-timing with the extraction team so that they were prepared when they got there.  Delana was so sweet and calming... she had all of the answers to our questions (which felt like millions!).  Shortly after Delana arrived, the extraction team followed.  Before we knew it, the water was removed and the team was quickly placing air movers/dehumidifiers.  They each gave us a business card and encouraged us to call with ANY and ALL concerns/questions.  They meant this!  Throughout the next week, the team stopped by each day checking moisture levels until we were completely dried.  Each day they communicated with us, so that we knew what to expect in the coming days.  Looking back now, we couldn't be more satisfied with the SERVPRO team.  Hopefully we never have to use them again... but if we do, we'll rest assured knowing that SERVPRO will take care of us!

“A few weeks ago my husband took our 2 year old granddaughter to the basement to play. Imagine their shock to find that the carpet was very wet and soggy. She wouldn’t even attempt to walk on it after her socks became soaked at the first step off of the stairs. He quickly tried to determine where a leak could be coming from and when he entered the utility closet, under the stairs, found that the hot water heater had burst. Oh my. We immediately called our insurance agent in Seymour and he recommended SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties. We phoned a local plumbing business and they replaced the water heater immediately. No sooner had they left than SERVPRO showed up. To our delight, a representative came to our home in Columbus within an hour of our call. Not only did you come with all haste but you began work to try and salvage everything possible by using water extraction and placing over a dozen high powered drying fans and dehumidifier. It took several days to get everything dry but someone from your business came and took several moisture readings daily. We didn’t have to do anything but sit back and let ‘the pros’ do their job. It was a wonderful job and everyone that came to our home from your company was so polite, helpful and friendly. We are waiting for the final carpet cleaning to take place but we already know that it will be better than our greatest expectations based on the results that we have experienced thus far. Thank you so much for responding to our call for help so quickly and professionally.  We certainly recommend SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties for any and all cleaning needs.”

"I have used the services of SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties twice. The first time was after my house was damaged by a tornado. They came quickly, conducted a very thorough examination of the entire house, formulated a plan and implemented it immediately. Their quick action, attention to detail and thorough follow-up prevented catastrophic issues down the road. I was very impressed with the results, their professionalism, competence and personal touch. I was so impressed that I called them again when I suspected a leak under a shower built on top of a slab, due to a musty smell in that area. They came out the day I called them, conducted a thorough examination of the shower area (including underneath) and determined that there was no leak. They went above and beyond and located the true source of the musty odor - a source I would never have considered exploring. I trust and highly recommend SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties and have peace of mind knowing that they are there for me when I need them."

"I started collecting model tractors when I was young which has grown to a $75,000 collection. It was a huge concern of mine that they came back in the same condition as they were in before my house fire.  I was so happy as they all came back in better condition than before!"

"In this stressful situation, where the contents of my whole house were removed, SERVPRO gave me the peace of mind that my personal belongings of 40 years would be taken care of until we were back in our home.  SERVPRO delivered what they promised!"