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Weather - Snowy & Rainy- It's Indiana

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

Will you need to call SERVPRO (812-953-1120) today because of the weather?

This morning in the North Vernon, Indiana area there was a light covering of snow on everything outdoors. It was almost beautiful (almost because winter already seems too long) but then it started to warm up and rain and rain.  All the snow disappeared and everything was just wet, very wet, as the rain continued to come down.  SERVPRO of Jackson & Jennings Counties continues to get called out to homes and businesses for water damages.  Some of the damages are from roof leaks and others because the sump pumps cannot keep up with all the rain.  The weather is supposed to continue to warm each day almost hitting 60 degrees by Saturday!!!! ….. Hummmm…. I’m sure Mother Nature is only teasing us with the idea of Spring, as we are located in INDIANA and everybody knows that this is just the way it is with weather in Indiana.